A catalogue of ancient pottery from Sri Lanka
Nimal De Silva; Ranjith Dissanayake

Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology launched a project to document more than 1500 pottery samples available in different museums and stores in the country. This catalogue provided a database on archeological pottery excavated from prehistoric  burials, ancient harbour’s human settlements and monasteries in Sri Lanka with an analysis on typology, chronology, international trade, use and aesthetics values.

LKR 3500/=

 Landscape Tradition of Sri Lanka- Philosophy principles and practice Landscape Tradition of Sri Lanka: Philosophy principles and practice
Nimal De silva 

This book will discuss the architectural principles adopted in harmonizing the technology, materials and geometry to integrate the natural and the built environment by enhancing the built environment by enhancing the aesthetic quality of the cultural landscape created throughout the civilization were well exhibited in the traditional rural and urban settlements, monastic and secular building complexes created along the history of the country. 1996, 71 Pages, 125 ill, 23x30cm, Hard Cover

LKR 2500/=

 Heritage Buildings of Sri Lanka Heritage Buildings of Sri Lanka
Nimal De Silva; D.P. Chandrasekara 

Architecture, being a product of the art, culture and technological achievements of a civilization, formed the major components of the tangible heritage found in the historic cities of Anuradhapura,Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya. However this book does not document the architectural remains of that glorious past as these are being looked after by the Department of Archaeology. Heritage Buildings of Sri Lanka is a product of the documentation and survey carried out by the Center for Heritage and Cultural Studies in the University of Moratuwa on the architectural heritage of the recent past, not found in lists of National Monuments. This publication documents a set of selected samples of different building types that are found scattered in many districts in the country. 2009, 185p, 400 ill, 22x30cm, Hard Cover

LKR 2500/=

 Records of traditional watercraft from South and West Sri Lanka Records of traditional watercraft from South and West Sri Lanka
Gerhard Kapiton; Gerald Graing; Somasiri Devendra 

This is excellent publication on an untiring effort of Gerhard Kapitan in studying the traditional watercraft of South and West coast of Sri Lanka. It given a scientific description of the crafts, a total of 178 color photographs have been selected to illustrate the volume. A systematic clarification has been carried out together with scale drawing. No one will be able to do a similar study and documentation become the tsunami has destroyed all tradition of traditional watercraft in country. 2009, 191Pages, 230 ill, 21x30cm

LKR 4000/=

 Pre history of Sri Lanka ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ප්‍රාග් ඉතිහාසය (Pre history of Sri Lanka)
ශිරාන් දැරණියගල (Siran Deraniyagala) 

This is a monograph that discusses the prehistoric research in Sri Lanka. The content of this monograph is an important source for the students who are studying Sri Lankan Prehistory and Physical anthropology. 1991, 50p, 42 ill, 14 x 21cm

LKR 85/=

 Settlement Archaeology

ජනාවාස පුරාවිද්‍යාව (Settlement Archaeology)
මැට්ස් මෝග්‍රන් (Mats Mogren)

This monograph provides a short introduction to the field of settlement archaeology with special reference to a study carried out in Sigiriya-Dambulla Region. This work will be more important to the students of Settlement Archaeology. 1990, 52P, 4 Maps, 14 x 21cm

LKR 40/=

 Conservation and Preservation

ප්‍රකෘතිකරණය සහ ප්‍රතිසංස්කරණය(Conservation and Preservation)
යොසෙප් රීඩර් (Yoseph Riederer)

This monograph presents the basic problems of conservation and restoration of artifacts under a tropical environmental condition. It is a worthwhile reference to the students of conservation and preservation of historical properties. 1991, 118 P, 11 ill, 14 x 21cm

LKR 125/=

 Maritime Archaeology in Sri Lanka-The Galle Harbour Project edited by Jeremy Green

Maritime Archaeology in Sri Lanka: The Galle Harbour Project edited by Jeremy Green
Somasiri Devendra 

This is the first scientific report on the Maritime Archaeology of Sri Lanka. The collection of articles in the report discusses the vivid aspects of the subject with special reference to the Galle harbour project. 1993 128 Pages, 52 fig, 22x28cm

LKR 950/=

Further Studies in the Settlement Archaeology of the Sigiriya-Dambulla Region

Further Studies in the Settlement Archaeology of the Sigiriya-Dambulla Region
Edited by Senake Bandaranayake; Mats Mogren

This is a collection of articles on various aspects of the settlement archaeology of the area around Sigiriya and Dambulla. Several important areas including the Physical environment, Epigraphy, Irrigation, Ethnography etc. of the area have been discussed in this important book.1994, 349 Pages, 225 ill, 22x28cm

LKR 2500/=

Urban Origins in Southern Sri Lanka

Urban Origins in Southern Sri Lanka
Raj Somadeva

This book presents the results of an extensive field research on the rise of urbanism in the Lower Kirindi Oya Basin of the Hambantota District. It included the detailed descriptions of the archaeological stratigraphy of eight locations excavated in the research area. A comprehensive pottery typology has also comprised in this book. 2006, 412 Pages; 18 maps; 130 plates; 21x30cm

LKR 3500/=

The Galpaya Survey

The Galpaya Survey
Edited by Nimal De SilvaRaj Somadeva

This is an Archaeological Survey Report. First part of it discusses various theoretical matters which pertain to the Field Archaeology. Second part presents the results of a surface survey conducted at an ancient settlement mound called Valamkatuyaya in the Sabaragamuva province. The content of this report is more relevant to the students who are dealing with Field Archaeology; 2008, 155 Pages,2 maps, 46 ill, 21x29cm

LKR 1500/=

Roland Silva Felicitation Volume edited by Nandana Chutiwongs

Roland Silva Felicitation Volume edited by Nandana Chutiwongs
Nimal De Silva

This is an important collection of articles mostly written on ancient art and architecture. It also comprises a few article that covers the other fields of archaeology including, Maritime Archaeology, Epigraphy and Field Archaeology; 2008, 236 Pages; 110 ill, 22x29cm, Hard Cover

LKR 4000/=

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