Evidence of an Ancient House uncovered

A floor of an ancient house has been unearthed from Kalupedigama, a remote village in the Balangoda divisional Secretariat. This is a remnant of a wattle and daub house with a thatched roof. The front portion of this house consisted a circular shape ground plan measuring   about 4.5 meters in diameter. The rare portion of the structure was functioned as a kitchen. Several grind stones with pestles have been uncovered from that part of the house. The other artifacts recovered from this site include several unidentified metal objects (iron), a miniature figurine made out of a stone and a fair quantity of ancient potsherds. Similar house floors have been excavated in two previous occasions, one from Uda Ranchamadama in the year 2009 and another from Haldummulla in the year 2011. The former has been radiometrically dated to the 1129 BCE. The identical characteristics between Uda Ranchamadama house floor and the Kalupedigama one may compel one to argue that both could be contemporaneous. If so this discovery will open a new avenue of the early history of Sri Lanka. This excavation was  led by Raj Somadeva, Professor of Archaeology of the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology of the Kelaniya University and his research team. This discovery has received a wide media attention.

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