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The library also commenced its basic functions simultaneously with the Institute. Owing to the indefatigable courage and effort of Professor Senake Bandaranayake the library has managed to establish itself as an eminent abode of knowledge-production on Archeology.

The library is open for the readers from 9.00 am to 4.00 pmThe library is open seven days of the week except on government’s holidays.


The library owns a collection of approximately 20,000 books on Archeology and related disciplines.
The library be in receipt of 20 regular journals and owns bound volumes of 2000 journals.
The library owns approximately a collection of 4000 documents of Archeology and allied disciplines.
Readers find one inch / kilo meter / land consumption maps issued by Survey Department of Sri Lanka in this collection.
Arrangements been done on regular basis to acquire videos portraying Archeology and culture of Sri Lanka and South Asia.
Readers find valuable old Ola-leaf manuscripts in this collection. Arrangements have been made to widen the collection by adding more.

Basic reports done on various excavations and investigations initiated by PGIAR. They are issued for the consumption of readers with the consent of researchers who have prepared those relevant reports.

This rare unique collection cannot be found in another institute in Sri Lanka.
Collection of dissertations presented in relation to the courses conducted by the PGIAR. MA, MSc and PhD dissertations are among them. Photocopying is not permitted.
Stanley Abeysinghe Collection, P.E.P Deraniyagala Collection, Senake Bandaranayake Collection, Anjalendran Collection, R L Brohier Collection are among them.

New Acquisitions

The library prepares and release a catalogue of new acquisitions periodically as a special service. The purpose is to inform the library user about the updated collection. This service is also can be obtained through email.

Our Services

PGIAR library offers a wide range of services for internal students as well as external students and researchers.

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  • Members of the library are provided only with the reference facility.
  • Membership forms can be obtained from the library.
  • Library-users should renew the membership when it is lapsed.
  • Students attached to the Post Graduate Institute of Archeology should submit their institutional identity card along with the membership form endorsed by the librarian’s signature and official library frank.
Internal Membership
Academic Membership

Academic membership of the library is open for the permanent academic staff of the PGIAR. They are entitled to borrow six books for a period of three months.

Non-academic Membership

Members of the non-academic staff of the PGIAR are entitled to borrow three books for a period of one month.

Student Membership

Students who have been registered to follow study-courses of the PGIAR can be obtained the membership free of charge. Students are not permitted to borrow books. Students should renew their membership on yearly basis.

External Membership
University Academic Staff

Members of the academic staff of universities can obtain membership of the library free of charge.

 University Students

University students can obtain membership in the library free of charge. It is compulsory to produce a letter of introduction attested by the head of the department of the respective university.


Readers who are inspired to read Archeology or engaged in research can use the library free of charge only for the very first day. They should pay a membership fee of Rs 500/- per month if they continue.

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About Us

The Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR) was established on the 1st January 1986, by order dated 18th December 1985, under section 24A of the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978 by the University Grants Commission. The PGIAR is a Postgraduate Institute of the University of Kelaniya. It is the prime institution for postgraduate studies and research in archaeology and subjects related to archaeology in the country.


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